by Cal Newport
& Scott Young

How do you build a career you truly love? One where you’re not only paid well, but you’re doing work that matters?

Top Performer will show you how. Building on Cal Newport’s best-selling book, So Good They Can’t Ignore You, the course guides you through an 8-week process of deeply understanding your career path and identifying the specific changes you can make that will bring big results. The course has served over 5000 students from all career stages and professions, helping them become top performers.

Normally, sessions for Top Performer are only held once per year. However, those on the waiting list get more frequent opportunities to join. Add your name to the list, and we'll also send you a free lesson series you can start using right away to build a better career.

-Cal and Scott

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Logan Y.

Logan: “Fundamentally changed how I think about building a meaningful career.”

"If you’re considering this course, you get that our economy demands challenging, often hard-to-identify skills that enable valuable new contributions. Not only did the course give me tools for seeing and building those types of skills, it fundamentally changed how I think about building a meaningful career."

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Kittie Y.

Kittie: "This is the stuff they never teach you in school, but could seriously be the backbone to your success in career and life!"

"I managed to successfully implement a writing schedule that required 3-4 hours of undistracted deep work. It helped me finish a short story that I probably would’ve abandoned half way, if not for the rule of forcing myself to finish a project despite the imperfections.

This is the stuff they never teach you in school, but could seriously be the backbone to your success (in career, life, etc)! I wish I had a course like this to structure my work and career-searching processes at earlier points in my life, like in high school, college, and the post-graduation years. If you’re someone who has frequently abandoned incomplete projects or chased dead end internships (or job opportunities), the principles taught in this course could turn that around and add structure to career floundering that many people go through."

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Mark: “Top performer gave me a template that I can lay at any stage of my career and be confident that I am applying myself at my best.”

Applying the expert interview method, Mark interviewed past successful applicants of the Irish Research Council scholarship program. After taking Top Performer, he has now received a funding for his PhD program.

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